Banner featuring a still from Between 2 photograph by Jonathon Purcell 

Between 3 | 14th September 2012

Ruth Barker by Jonathon Purcell Photography

Ruth Barker by Jonathon Purcell Photography

Stills from 'Mouth in an open 'O'' by Ruth Barker, Photographs by Jonathon Purcell Photography

Finishing the Between Series on 21st September 2012, was Ruth Barker (UK), and Helen Collett and Lois Macdonald (UK). Barker re-imagined the ancient Epic of Gilgames using both live and recorded vocal performance, whilst Collett and Macdonald explored the importance of communication between artist, gallery and audience as well as the confines of their own working relationship.

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Pair of Helens, Audience Photograph Monitors Audience

Helen Portrait Both Masks on one head Lois Portrait

Audience member Helen Audience Member Post Exhibition Lois

Through the peephole light Helen with broken arm through the peephole dark

Monitor trials Setup image Monitor trial two

Audeince image Audio trial Pair of Lois'

Stills from 'YouI fig.iv' by Helen Collett and Lois Macdonald, Audience Photographs.