‘helpmehelpyou’ (2002) by Louise Adkins & Lisa Le Grove.

The messages signed.

Be confident.
Believe in happiness
Imagine feeling good.
Embrace criticism.
It is possible to change the world around us by changing ourselves.
We are not victims we are empowered.
To change your attitude is to change you life.
It's time to learn how to be a great team player.
Make a new choice.
There is no problem that trust cannot heal.
Do not deny your feelings.
Anger is a form of control.
We only give the love we allow ourselves to receive.
We use others to people our conspiracy against ourselves.
Expectations are hidden demands.
A willingness to forgive and to forgive another can release you.
Guilt is merely a trap.
Judge judgment.
Living ones purpose is leaping the abyss to love and leaving the bridge for others to follow.
Competition is a form of delay.

In 2002 whilst working collaboratively with the Glasgow based artists Lisa Le Grove I was commissioned by the Arches in Glasgow to present 'Helpmehelpyou' a live performance of semaphore code streamed via the Internet. ’Helpmehelpyou’ utilised media streaming to communicate the semaphore signaled message to a variety of locations simultaneously.

The message signaled comprised of platitudes and advice taken from a variety of self-help manuals that address the angst and stress of modern day living. The signaling system is known by very few and so these life affirming messages were almost certainly read first and foremost as an intriguing visual spectacle. In this respect the performance, streamed footage and resultant documentation could be read as a comforting reminder that somewhere, someone cares as well as a hypnotic distraction from everyday life.